Grief Therapy Planner for the Hurting Heart

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one or do you have someone around whom you think might need a result-oriented guide through proper grief planning?

This is a 36-page planner that explains the grieving process and helps you forge a new relationship with your lost loved one. It is designed to help facilitate the journey to a state wherein the bereaved can cope, make choices and move on.

What you'll Get:

  • How to Heal a Hurting Heart (Moving Forward)
  • Worksheets to face your grief and begin the healing process
  • How to Keep Memories Alive
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Hear from some of our satisfied brethren:

"After losing my mum, my mental health spiraled out of control. I couldn’t see a way out. I felt alone at the most traumatic and desperate time in my life. This book has helped me begin my healing process, and I can now move forward. It’s such a relief to read it.”

- Celia James, Proud parent

"It is such a relief to know that I’m not crazy. My random and unpredictable emotions were becoming a serious concern to my kids. After the loss of my husband, I seemed to have lost it. Thanks, Angie, for this timely gift. I can now move forward and enjoy life once again.”

- Rebecca, Stay At Home Mom

"The Grief Therapy Planner for the Hurting Heart is an absolute lifeline.

It saved my sanity and transformed me for the better when I lost my wife. I am no longer stuck in denial and can move forward.”

- Jason, Proud Parent

Resounding His Love

Grief Therapy Planner


Grief Therapy Planner

Overcome depression, loneliness, and anxiety...

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Grief Therapy Planner

Get over depression, loneliness, and anxiety...

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